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Who We Help

Goodstein Wealth Management's clientele is about equally divided among retirees, “baby boomers” in their peak earning years, and young up-and-coming families. About a third of our clients are current or former business owners. The rest are teachers, professors, professionals, CPA's,attorneys, retirees, and many in the entertainment industry.

While we have no set minimum for new clients, we believe everyone should be able to get quality financial advice.

We provide:

  • Hourly consultation
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Analysis
  • Investment Management

We work best with talented, independent, busy people who fully understand the wisdom of acquiring the assistance of a professional. They appreciate our caring, personalized, and educational approach, and feel relieved to not have to deal with the phony glitz and salesmanship so prevalent in the financial services industry today.

Our experience growing up and working in a large family business has given us a natural understanding of the circumstances and concerns of business owners and affluent families in general. We also have a special affinity for young families possessing the talent and drive to become affluent in the future.

For a complimentary initial consultation regarding any aspect of your financial affairs or concerns, please call us at 818-995-3500.